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What is Dry Shampoo?

Dry Shampoo!!
Such an amazing product!
Dry shampoo is a super-fine powder that comes in spray-on, dust-on and shake-on forms. Its main purpose is to soak up the oil your scalp produces, which is what makes our hair look dirty. This brilliant cylinder of dust can literally take the hair from looking oily and limp to looking freshly blown out in one quick POOF!  Consider it like facial blotting papers, but for your hair.

Some of the benefits of Dry Shampoo are these. When you apply dry shampoo, you’re allowing your natural oils to stay in contact with your hair longer, which we know is good. The reason we don’t usually like to do that is because after a while, it looks, ummm, gross. Dry shampoo gives you the best of both worlds. The natural oils can stay put, nourishing the hair, while the powder takes away the unwanted sheen (oily shine)!

Anyone who has short hair and bangs... I know I don’t have to tell you that your hair comes in constant contact with your forehead, picking up the oils from your face, causing annoying, unwanted separation in your bangs.  A burst of dry shampoo WILL FIX THIS! It also gives incredible added texture and volume to any length of hair.

The only people who don’t really need dry shampoo are those of you who don’t produce much oil or those of you that have a dry scalp. The few who can go 3-5 days without so much as a glimmer of unwanted sheen are very lucky. Just be sure you’re properly conditioning and getting nourishment to the ends of your hair!  Which is where MY favorite product comes in. (The leave-in conditioner I gave away to the last contest winner- called 7 seconds by UNITE)

Well guess what? UNITE also make a dry shampoo called 7 Seconds-dry shampoo.
7 reasons why you need this product!

  1. Aids in preserving hair color 
  2. Removes excess oil
  3. Increases Volume
  4. No visible powder
  5. Refreshes hair without the use of water
  6. This bottle lasts a long time. 
  7. This product is awesome!

When do you put it on?  Dry shampoo goes on air dried or blow dried hair. Not on wet hair. Originally I thought it was best to put dry shampoo on your roots when it started to look dirty. Maybe 2 or 3 days after you blow dry, and that’s still great! But my favorite thing now is to put it on right after I blow the hair out.  That way, as the oils come out, it “catches” them. This keeps it from getting dirty and flat to begin with. I’ve come to find that dry shampoo on clean hair leads to extra bounce and volume. 
Where do you get it?  There are lots of different kinds of dry shampoo out there today. It’s become widely available and insanely popular so you won’t have a hard time finding it. Onyx Salon sells Unite's 7 seconds dry shampoo, and I also love the one by Big & Sexy Hair. Just try it.  Test it out! See how your hair feels and most importantly how it looks!
How do you apply it?  The ultimate trick with ANY dry shampoo is patting it in. Not brushing, not wiping with your hand, just patting it lightly until it blends in. This is how you stay away from it looking “powdery”.
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Brianne said...

LOVE dry shampoo!!! Use it allllllll the time!

Amy W said...

LOVE this article!! I have been calling dry shampoo 'My dirty little secret' LOL. I may have to come see you and try the one you mention. Thanks Mrs. Crabtree!