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Camille Garrison Photography

Last week I was able to do some hair and make-up for Camille Garrison's Photography Class.  Doing the hair and make-up was quite simple because the models were a bunch of darling 13 year olds.  These girls were so cute and fun to work with, and so was Camille.  Do you want to take a class to master your photography skills? Click HERE for more information. You won't regret it.

Alex Crabtree : Hair Stylist & Make-Up Artist


Shaylise Senior Portraits

Photography: Camille Garrison
Make-up & Hair: Alex Crabtree

This was SUCH a fun photo shoot to be apart of. 
I love Camille's photography! 
And, seriously, Shaylise is GORGEOUS! 

Alex Crabtree : Hair Stylist & Make-Up Artist