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Free Product Contest!

Hey Everyone!! 
So, lately, I have been thinking a lot about my clients. 
Oh, how I would love for all of them to have all the products that I use on their hair in the salon in their own hands to use everyday AT HOME!  Thinking of this I decided that I would GIVE a lucky someone MY very favorite product!!!! UNITE's 7 SECONDS!
(a $25.00 value)
This stuff is MAGIC! OK, not really, but it is my favorite leave-in conditioner for any hair type! It works fast because it is loaded with proteins that penetrate deep into your hair! It doesn't weigh your hair down! And it smells delicious! I rave about it to all of my clients and use it on my own hair every time my hair is wet. I took this to Lake Powell with me last summer and about used the entire bottle between 10 of us girls. It was a life saver from the lake water.
A lot of people's hair begins to feel dry and brittle in the summer because we live in a desert and the air is so dry. This is the perfect product to start protecting your hair now from the summer heat and the suns' UV rays!
I could talk to you about it until I am blue in the face I love it SO much. 

I want to give it to YOU! 
I want you to have SOFT, HEALTHY and BEAUTIFUL hair. 

All you need to do is... 
  1. Like my Facebook page. (
  2. Leave a Facebook comment on my page that says "I like your page!
Trust me, you will LOVE this product. 
Bonus: ONYX Salon (where I am a hair stylist) carries this product, 
so when you run out you can buy it there! 

You have until Friday May 13th at midnight 
to enter this contest!


Moby said...

I'm totally going to win this :)

You should read about Mobys Latest Purchase if you have some free time. I am a very dedicated follower! :)

Allen and Alexis McCracken said...

I "like" you on Facebook! :D Now that my hair is falling out after having Paisley, I need all the conditioning help I can get!

Ben and Camille said...

I like your page!! Of course:) And you know I should win because my hair will stop falling out:)

Raney_Rain said...

Done! I'm always checking your page for new ideas on my grody hair...I hate it, too dry and coarse, so I like, no, LOVE your page! I liked your page forever ago lol! I was one of the first to like your new page =0)

Steph said...

Done! And BTW, I'm loving your page!