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Camilla Photography

This summer I was able to do Tiffany's hair and make-up for her wedding at Wadley Farms in Lindon.  The fabulous Camilla Binks photographed her wedding.  
Here are the 'behind the scenes' pictures. 

Check out more of Camilla's work HERE on her website. 

Here are the photos from the wedding! Congratulations Tiffany!

Reason for this  picture: Even though Tiffany looks so little and sweet, she is actually in the armed forces in the Bomb Squad! She's hard core- even in her wedding dress!

Thanks to Camilla for these great photos! 


on site and in action!

A little bit of 'behind the scenes' from Izlas Photography. 

Fall Trend: Full Brows

The fuller the better! 
Put down the tweezers, ladies. 
Boyish Bold and Full Brows are all the rage this fall, 2011. 

Let your brows grow out for about 4 weeks (don't tweeze!) , 
then shape them into a full and flattering fall brow!

In my opinion there is nothing worse that you can do to your face
 than to over-pluck your eyebrows -OR- to leave them unmaintained!!!!!

 (Shriek of terror!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

I found this amazing tutorial from The Beauty Department.

I think LC's brows are the perfect fall brow, and she'll show you how to get it yourself! 


1940's glam shoot

This summer I was able to do all the make-up and some hair styles for a few photographers who are building their portfolios.  The photographers wanted a 1940's inspired photoshoot that took place in Ogden at the Union Station.  This meant I had to deliver red lips, nude eye lids, no eye-liner, and soft cheeks.  I was inspired by Kate Beckinsale's look as she played the part of Evelyn in Pearl Harbor, and the rest of the cast.

Here are some of the Photos from the shoot.  

Alex Crabtree : Hair Stylist and Make-Up Artist



Alex Crabtree : Hair Stylist 
Kylie Nixon : Photographer
AJ : Bride/Model

Wedding Vendor: Kale Fitch Films

I dont know if I can explain to you in words how much I absolutely love this videographer.  Kale Fitch is (as said on his site) professional, passionate, and priceless.  His work speaks for itself.  Ryan and I hired Kale as our videographer for our wedding back in December, and can't thank him enough for the great job he did.  Here is our wedding video.

 Remember Kassidy's Bridals?  They were married in April and they hired Kale, and I was so excited!  Here is their video!

I was glad to be hired as Kassidy's hair stylist and make-up artist for her wedding, and Kale does a fabulous job at capturing all the beauty of the day! Notice, a few changes from her bridals- we used the flawless and longer lasting AIRBRUSH make-up, and false eye-lashes for her big day. Kale does a great job at catching every detail and I'd recommend him to anyone!
Thanks, Kale, for providing stunning videos for Utah brides. 


Alex Crabtree : Hair Stylist