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Tips for a rainy hair day.

1.  When it rains, wear your hair curly/wavy with little or no product (if your hair texture allows) so it doesn't turn sticky or stiff if it gets wet.

2.  If your curly/wavy hair gets a little wet from the rain, wait until it's pretty dry again, shake your hair upside-down and throw in a little Sexy Hair Powder play at your roots.

3.  This product will give your hair an added LIFT to get rid of your 'soggy hair' style.

(I mean, unless your going for this Rachel McAdams look.)

4.  Powder Play is small and will fit in your purse.

Have a great hair day! :)


CCC said...

What about those of us who end up looking like Shaun White/the flying tomato when our hair gets wet? ;) ccc

Alex said...

CCC: strap a snowboard on and call it a ski day! :) or maybe... wear a hat? haha. your comments on here crack me up!!