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I have MOVED!

That's right!  I have moved from Onyx Salon just down the street to Thomas Hardy Salon. 
I am very excited about this change!  I have grown and learned so much over the last 4 years at Onyx Salon and I am so excited to grow and learn even more at Thomas Hardy Salon. 

Along with this new change of scenery, I will also be working FULL TIME!  This means I will be more available for my clients and I will be able to take MORE clients. Please send your friends and family to me at Thomas Hardy Salon--- Every NEW client receives 10% off their first appointment.  

Call 801.393.9562 to make your appointment. 
Or feel free to call or text my cell at 801.430.8855.
Thomas Hardy Salon is located at:
248 Historic 25th Street
Ogden, Utah 84401

THANK YOU to all my amazing clients, friends, and family who have been there for me up to this point in my career. YOU are the reason I LOVE going to work everyday! 

xo Alex

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ginger said...

first timer and can't even wait. a lot has changed since we bonded in jon's bathroom oh so many years ago. can't wait to see you today! neither can my hair.