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Camilla Photography

This summer I was able to do Tiffany's hair and make-up for her wedding at Wadley Farms in Lindon.  The fabulous Camilla Binks photographed her wedding.  
Here are the 'behind the scenes' pictures. 

Check out more of Camilla's work HERE on her website. 

Here are the photos from the wedding! Congratulations Tiffany!

Reason for this  picture: Even though Tiffany looks so little and sweet, she is actually in the armed forces in the Bomb Squad! She's hard core- even in her wedding dress!

Thanks to Camilla for these great photos! 


Stephanie Brinkerhoff said...

These look so good! Her make-up is very pretty!

Candice Beth said...

I need a new look...Desperately! Where is your salon located? :) I have been wanting to darken my hair but i have always been a blonde and am a little scared. Any ideas??

Alex said...

It's in Ogden on 25th Street. Yes come on in! I LOVE change!