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What is Color Melting?

Color melting was the most prominent hair trend in 2010. Almost every celebrity has had their hair "color melted".  It seems as though most people have seen the trend for a while now and are just getting around to trying it in their own hair, which is great, because I love the Color Melting trend. ROOTS are IN!
So... maybe some of you are wondering...
What is Color Melting?
Color Melting is a technique that is used to blend or "melt" different colors together to create a smooth transition of color. Color Melting is great for adding dimension to any bland or 'boring' hair color.  Melting can carefully take you from your natural color to a beautiful highlight.  Upkeep is a cinch! We just touch up the root every six weeks and brighten up the highlights every 4 or 5 months! You can go longer between colors, and have natural looking highlights that always are in style. 

This trend is HUGE among celebrities. There is not just one way to have your hair 'melted'. You can choose whatever colors you want to make the trendy style your very own! 
Here are some Celebrities with Color Melting. 

You can make the 'melting' as dramatic or as subtle as you want.  

Color Melting and Ombre hair color trends are easily confused and/or mushed together. 

The difference? Easy. 

OMBRE hair is a SOLID color at the ends of the hair... Like this-

And in COLOR MELTING the root color is also in the ends of your hair - 
which means the highlight color is NOT solid at your ends. 
Like this-

Color Melting is obviously very popular in LONG hairstyles, but any length of hair can have melting.  


Brianne said...

Love this style!!!

Melissa said...

I saw this on Studio 5! I think it is such a cute style!


Anonymous said...

Looks very you've lived on the beach your whole life,