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HOW TO: Half Up/Fish Tail Braid Tutorial

This half up fish tail braid is such an easy way to 
add a little style to your "slept in" look. 
Whether you literally slept in and don't have time
to get ready in the morning, or you're going for a boho chic look, 
this is a great hair style.

Pull the hair from the crown of your head into a small pony-tail, like so. 

 Take two pieces of hair in your fingers from the far sides of your pony... 

...and cross them from one section to the other section, alternating sides. 

Repeat this until you get to the end of the pony-tail.

Then for a more messy/boho look....

backcomb the end of your braid to secure it instead of using an elastic. 

Lastly, pull apart the braid from top to bottom. 

This creates a relaxed 'un-done' look.

The finished result-  BOHO CHIC hair!

Tutorial created by Alex Crabtree. 
Model: Shaylise Messerly from "The Messy Closet"

xo: Alex

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CaraLoren' said...

this looks so gorg!! will be trying this very soon!!